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Resolving Authentication Loop with single sign-on for Azure Virtual Desktop using Microsoft Entra ID Authentication

Recently, while implementing single sign-on (SSO) for Azure Virtual Desktop using Microsoft Entra ID authentication, our team encountered an unexpected hurdle: an authentication loop. In this post, I’ll share our experience and the solution we found. Problem: Authentication loop Upon 
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Don’t Delay: Upgrade Classic Teams to New Teams in your VDI/MultiSession environment before June 30th!

Currently, we are engaged in multiple Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix projects where the new Teams version is a significant focus. Through our migration process to the new Teams, we have acquired valuable insights and developed scripts that we wish 
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[Workaround] Teams presence not working in Outlook 365 when installing Teams v1 Machine Wide

Currently, I’m engaged in a Windows 11 multi-session on Azure project. During this project, lots of users were complaining about the absence of Teams presence in Microsoft Outlook 365. Even the “Start audio call” and “Start chat” are grayed out: 
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Uw virtuele desktop omgeving altijd en overal up-to-date

Nooit meer een achterstand in het installeren van security updates? Waardoor vooral Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop en VMware Horizon omgevingen een minder makkelijk target zijn voor hackers of ransomware. Met De Technische Jongens Image Factory 
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